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The High Class Consulting provides A Guide to Organic Growing Using the Best Techniques and Organic Brews to Maximize Yields Both Indoors and High Tech Greenhouse to Produce the Most Effective Cannabis From the Worlds Finest Strains for Your Medical and Recreational Needs Expressing the Full Potential of the Cannabinoid and Terpene Profiles of the Plant.

10 plus years in the Cannabis Consulting/Cultivation Business. Services for indoor, controlled greenhouse and outdoor cultivation which includes: Facility and Cultivation,  Build out Design. Custom Organic soil and coco mediums, compost brews, amendments and nutrients. Ability to control nutrient specific ppm's for strain specific formulations. Custom Mineral nutrient Formulations/mixing for cost savings in nutrients. Completely organic pest management integration programs able to pass testing standards. Knowledge in CBD strains and genetics. 


Featured Grower on American Drug War 2
Cannabis Destiny

Released in 2013

Dillon Patterson Juicing Cannabis Segment

From 2011


Expert Horticulturist

The High Class Inc. Consultation Agreement

           1.      Greenhouse build out and design                 

                    a.  Refurbishments                 

                    b.  Climate control                 

                    c.  Greenhouse and property infrastructure                  

                    d.  Air exchange and movement                 

                    e.  Light supplementation and deprivation

           2.      Cultivation Plan                 

                    a.  Greenhouse and cultivation layout                         

                              i.  Circulation of crops                         

                             ii.  Cultivation techniques and implementation                                                      b.  Strains                 

                    c.  Watering and Nutrient regiment                       

                              i.  Wholesale pricing on all organics from Organics alive         

                                  1.  Custom to industry Bulk Soil                             

                                  2.  Soil amendments                             

                                  3.  Compost brewer and bio packs                             

                                  4.  Correct biology per growth stage                             

                                  5.  www.organicsalivegardens.com                        

                             ii.  In House Mineral Nutrient Supplements                             

                                  1.  Wholesale Nutrient costs based on a customized 

                                       nutrient regiment per strain.                                     

                                       a.  Results in close to 90% savings from buying name brand 

                                            nutrients from hydro stores while receiving relatively
                                            same products                         

                            iii.  Plant health diagnosis and corrections                             

                                  1.  Overfeeding and deficiency corrections                        

                            iv.  Irrigation systems

                                       d.  Pest Management and control                         

                             i.  Foliar and systemic

                                       e.  Oversight and Consultation Of Cultivation

            3.      Harvest and Curing             

                     a.  Correct Techniques             

                     b.  Climate control             

                     c.  Design and Build out of curing containers             

                     d.  Monitor cure process








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